About Cedar Grove Packaging

Our Mission—To be the national leader in developing, educating and selling foodservice and retail packaging solutions that accommodate a commercial composting facility and curb side composting.

Since 1989, Cedar Grove ® Composting, Inc. has diverted over 4 million tons of organic material from landfills, preventing 3.72 million metric tons (C02e) of greenhouse gas emissions—the equivalent of removing approximately 670,000 cars from the road.

When biodegradable products entered the market several years ago, Cedar Grove ® Composting, Inc. took the initiative to establish its own comprehensive testing parameters to ensure organic materials received at their state-of-the-art composting facilities would sufficiently break down.

As our communities look for the path to a sustainable future, we understand the need for alternatives to plastic and polystyrene foam packaging that fail to biodegrade and remain forever in our environment. Cedar Grove ® Composting’s experts joined forces with community and packaging industry leaders to bring you Cedar Grove™ Packaging and this exclusive line of identifiable, compostable, earth-friendly products.

What Does "Compostable" Mean in Packaging?

That a product will break down naturally (through microbial activity, heat and time). Products that are truly, naturally degradable are also considered "compostable".

Before cup before composting
After cup before composting
Before cutlery before composting
After cutlery before composting

What IS NOT Compostable?

Not all packaging products promoted as compostable are considered compostable by Cedar Grove's standards or the Biodegradable Products Instute (BPI). Here are samples of these items taken from the end of the Cedar Grove Composting process. As you can see, they have not broken down sufficiently.

Before container before composting
After container before composting

No More Manual Sorting

Brown is the New Green! Cedar Grove brown simplifies the sorting process for end-users. The easily identifiable color eliminates the need for manual sorting. No more checking numbers or reading labels! Save time, save money, save the environment.