From Your Table to Your Garden

The use and life cycle of this product closes the recycling loop! Place Cedar Grove™ Packaging items directly into your yard waste or food waste bin*, and they will break down into quality compost products used for gardening, landscaping, and erosion control. By putting compost back into the environment, you bring back important nutrients and organics and help keep our lakes and rivers clean for vital habitat.

*Where option is provided-contact your local service provider

What does it mean to be Cedar Grove ® Approved?

The packaging breaks down in a state- of- the-art commercial composting process and become part of an earth-friendly soil or amendment.

Why Brown?

We understand the difficulty often associated with trying to determine if a product is truly compostable. By offering a unique color on our line of packaging, Cedar Grove™ Packaging takes the guess work out of trying to determine what truly breaks down and returns to nature. This exclusive color coding ensures that consumers don’t have to know complicated guidelines, and is an important element in providing a practical solution to important community needs.